Our Wedding!

Saturday, April 25th 2020

We planned and anticipated for months about our wedding, while it looked so different from what we ever dreamed, God had such greater plans than our own! Instead of getting married at our venue with our 400 guests (including you), we had a few of our closest friends and immediate family. It was simple and SO perfect! We were missing so many of our people but we are so thankful we were able to celebrate our love and marriage. It is a reminder of God's love- its's sacrificial, knows no distance or limitation, full of grace, and above all else always present. We can't wait to celebrate it again with all of you, when the time is right (we will keep our website updated and resend out new invites when we are able to nail down a date)! Until then enjoy some of our pictures!

The McMaryions

Upcoming Celebration!


As of now, a new date is still undecided. We will keep this updated as soon as we know more! Invited guests will be receiving another invitation/RSVP closer to the new date! WE CAN'T WAIT TO CELEBRATE! XOXO

With Love & Gratitude

As our life together has already begun some time ago, our new chapter is just beginning. Your presence at our upcoming celebration is a gift within itself, but if you do wish to make a gesture, contributions towards our new journey and our move to Canada are most appreciated!

For those who wish to give something else, here are a few things that we've had our eye on! If you choose to send a gift earlier (due to undecided new date) you can send gifts to addresses that our found on our registries!

Love always,
Marcus & Chelsy

Crate & Barrel

Bed Bath & Beyond


The Propsal

Sunday June 9th, 2019

Corona Virus Udpdate

As of 03/23/2020

There's been a lot of emotions, decisions, ideas, and options this last week. It's not easy to grasp what is going on nor what the right steps to take are. However, keeping our people safe and understanding that it's about our love and not all the details, we've decided to postpone our wedding. We appreciate the outpour of love and messages we've gotten, and all the support. We're embracing all the good that continuously surrounds us and being able to share our love with everyone when the time is right. As of right now, NO date is set (with us moving to Canada/the CFL season potentially changing) it's had to know a date with 100% certainty! But God's timing and plan is always perfect, and we will continue to trust in that! Until then we hope everyone is healthy and that this quarantine has allowed life to slow down a little bit so you can enjoy family, and all the good that surrounds you. We pray for all the businesses that have been impacted by this shut down, if there is anything we can to help you or someone you know in that aspect please don't hesitate to ask/reach out (email Chelsy7732@yahoo.com) or potentially utilizing you in our upcoming wedding! We look forward to sharing our special day with you guys when the timing is right, with this extra time it's only right to party & love a little harder when our new day comes! We will update our site as we have more answers/details! We're thankful for all of you always!

Marcus & Chelsy

As Of 03/14/2020

With all the recent events that have taken place the last week we are filled with a lot of unknowns. Our hearts hurt for everyone that has been infected by this Virus, and to all the businesses that are taking a huge hit due to the panic. To be honest, the panic scares us more than the actual Virus, especially when we see so many events/moments being taken away from people. It's hard not to be selfish and think about what could be taken away from us. As of now, God willing our wedding is still a go but we have no definite answer until we actually have more answers. Until then we're embracing all the good that surrounds us and trusting in God's plan- wether it's the wedding we've planned or something different- our main priority is keeping everyone special to us safe. We'll be keeping the website updated as we get more answers! Wash your hands, continue to live your life, pray, & cherish your people always.

Marcus & Chelsy